Mapping a Corn Maze with a GPS watch

The entrance to the maïsdoolhof: La Vuelta themed

A few weeks ago I did a corn maze with a friend. In honor of La Vuelta that recently passed nearby, the maze was Vuelta/bike themed. I turned on my Garmin watch to see if I would be able to see the pattern in our path.

The goal of the maze was to find all the numbered posts and their associated letter. Once you found all (or enough) of the letters, you can rearrange them to discover the phrase. We were able to find all but two letters, couldn’t guess the phrase, and turned to the cheat sheet to find the last two.

The elevated platform didn’t offer much help for solving the maze

Disclaimer: this post is decidedly not in the software section. We just enjoyed wandering the maze and took no optimal routes!

Our path from the Garmin GPS on the actual maze

As you can see, it didn’t record the path very well. Unfortunately the resolution was not high enough to make out much of the maze. I had left the Garmin on its default of “Smart Recording.” However, “Every Second Recording” might have yielded higher resolution and better results.